Know your tool - GitHub Search

Know your tool - GitHub Search

Hey Developers and learners.
Productivity, a word used most around you. Rapidly changing frameworks, frequent language feature updates and almost impossible project deadlines wrecked our productivity and peace of mind.

To cope up with these updates , one need to persistently try them along with your job or freelance work.
For every new thing to master you need to believe in:

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time." - Leo Tolstoy

These changes are well thought and well discussed, believe me they will increase your productivity once you know them.


The tools you need to build what you want. - github

A home of 50 million developers and counting. Also, Free for you.

Github Features

Give a read to above features, you'll be amazed what Github offers you.

When your team or your boss asks you to implement some tricky feature or a features you haven't implemented in the past.
First thing you do is the google search.

and if you are legend you directly search it on github😎

but Github is not a search engine, also don't know you well, sometimes it does not understand your query.

like , my boss asked me to implement something like this, on my current salon project which is in Flutter: calender.jpeg
I search on github to get some idea about it: githubSearch.PNG

Notice new github dark mode😋

sadly, i haven't got a single result to go ahead.

Then, I searched with hinting github to look in Readme files, see difference


Similar to this Github has more Tricks for Search, Lets Dive in:

1. in:

in:readme flutter animation
in:name dart functional
in:Description open source flutter app

2. More Stars, Forks

stars:>= 20 flutter bluetooth

Apply Range

forks:10..20 spring cloud

3. Small Code Repositories, Please

Big repositories are not what you want; if you love those simple, small and smart repositories only, you can add this search term:

size:<=1000 dart algorithm

Unit of size here is KB, so 1000 means 1MB.

4. Actively Maintained Repositories

For example, you want to search those projects have updates in the last two weeks:

pushed:>2020-11-20 flutter

You may also search repositories created before or after a certain time using created rather than push.

5. Friendly Licensed Projects

For example, the well-known Apache License 2, you can search like this:

license:apache-2.0 flutter

License list

6. Language Only


7. Particular Developer or Organization


user:LarsBak dart



8. Combine them all

user:lars language:Dart pushed:>2020-12-9 stars:>100 in:description flutter

Wanna try more, hit :

Github Advance Search

Thank you, Peace.🤞